Perhaps the most important of all the benefits of building your home with PolySteel is the safety it provides your family.  Exceptional resistance to tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes as well as unparalleled fire protection, make

a PolySteel home the safest place for your family.


Fire Safety Severe Weather Protection
American PolySteel is the first insulating concrete wall system to pass the rigors of a four-hour fire test without the addition of any wall coverings required to assist in its performance.  More about this.

PolySteel's unique steel ties hold the EPS foam together, further insulating the walls and providing added protection on the side unexposed to the flame.

PolySteel's extremely low toxicity, smoke development, and flame spread, make our walls safer from the hazards of fire.

The air tightness of PolySteel structures also inhibits the oxygen needed to allow a fire to spread rapidly.

PolySteel walls are 2 to 4 times stronger than the maximum design wind load required by the Uniform Building Code.

PolySteel walls have been independently tested to withstand flying debris driven by a 250 mph wind.

PolySteel walls are 4 to 9 times stronger than the maximum design earthquake load required by the Uniform Building Code.

PolySteel walls minimize damage in the event of a flood.