PolySteel structures provide much warmer floors and a more uniform temperature throughout the interior of your home.

We guarantee, in writing,
you'll save at least 33% on energy costs over 2x6 wood frame construction with R-19 insulation!  But, depending on where you live, your actual savings are likely to be 50 - 80%!
PolySteel's high insulation value may qualify you for additional energy credits.
In most parts of the country, your PolySteel home can be insured for 15 - 25% less than conventional homes because of its resistance to fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  Be sure to ask your insurance provider for an ICF discount rate.
PolySteel forms are easy to install, saving valuable construction time.
PolySteel homes typically appraise higher than wood-framed homes.